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Vintage Repro P90

Vintage Repro P90


Replica of a late 50's P90 with accurate bobbins, baseplates and rough cast mags. These are wound to vintage specs with 42awg plain enamel wire. The neck reads out around 7K and bridge 8K. Every single part down to the "2 strand" braided lead are the best reproduction parts available. Countless hours have been spent perfecting these truly vintage spec'd pickups. If you're looking to capture those classic rock tones of yesteryear, look no further!


    *Please contact me to place an order*  All pickups are made to order and wound one at a time by me. Listed prices are per pickup and don't include shipping. Special requests are always welcome. I stick solely to vintage spec but I'm happy to do over and under wind variations. I use Alnico 2 magnets in all my pickups but other values are available. All pickups are wax potted but I do offer unpotted as an option for those looking for that true vintage sonic experience. I use only the best parts available and i'm proud to say i source as much as possible from US manufacturers. 


    We do not except returns but guarantee all our pickups to be free of any manufacturing defect. If you have an issue with any new pickup please contact us immediately and we will take care of the problem. You must be the original purchaser and any attempted repairs, mods or tampering will automatically void any warranty.   

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