Repair Pricing

Setup - $75 (Floyd Rose - $85) 

Electronix - $75 per hour

Fret Level & Recrown - $75

Fabricate Bone Nut - $150 *

Fabricate Bone Saddle - $150 * 

Complete Refret - $400 and up *

Headstock Repair - $225 and up *

Bridge Reglue - $225 and up *

Neck Reset - $400 and up *

* Setup Included

These are just some guidelines and standard pricing for typical repairs. They are labor charges only and do not include parts. Most electronic and structural repairs need to be assessed first and then a proper estimate can be given. Estimates are free! I encourage customers to stop in and let me look over their instrument first. Then we can go over what it needs and you can decide what route to take. 

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